Drilling Fluid and Its Components Testing

«BURINTEKH», Ltd Drilling Fluids Testing Laboratory represents the scientific and research base with full cycle of researches on making and implementation of new perspective developments in the sphere of drilling fluids.

Specialists formulate water-based solutions: biopolymer without solids with high density, aerated drilling fluids with decreased density, process liquids without solids; and oil-based solutions: invert-emulsion drilling mud for different ecological requirements.

Laboratory provides searching, selection, and if needed, synthesizing of new reagents, used as components of drilling fluids.

Also laboratory allows operatively solve and correct problems, arising during engineering maintenance of fluids.

General guidelines

Development of dedicated systems of drilling fluids on water and oil base for drilling with «BURINTEKH», Ltd PDC bits optimized for its effective work. Development of drilling fluids with increased greasy and hydrophobe properties, which increase ROP, suppose incapsulation, effective inhibiting and returns.

Incoming analysis and selection of reagent samples, produced in Russia and foreign-made. Quality control of reagents, used during the drilling mud maintenance service.

Optimization and selection of reagents for developed drilling mud systems.

Creation of synthetic polymer drilling mud systems for control of its rheology and filtration in conditions of high temperature and salt aggression (monadic and bivalent salts) copolymer of acrylamide and its non-ionic derivates, sulfo derivate acrylamide.

Search of new effective stoppers of shale hydration on the basis of non organic and organic compounds - glycols, polyamines, quaternary ammonium compounds, and polyamine-polyether.

Synthesizing and lab tests of new effective lubricants to drilling fluids on water base.

Chemical treatment of bottomhole formation zone - chemical agents, breakers for soft and effective removal of cake of different composition.

Systems for liquidation of difficult lost circulation.

Defoaming agents for drilling fluids on water base.

Drilling mud surfactant, drilling accelerators and oil-wetting agents of reservoir surface.

«BURINTEKH», Ltd Drilling Fluids Testing Laboratory is accredited in GOST RISO/MEK 17025–2006 (ISO/MEK 17025–2005) November 10, 2010 for technical competence in accordance with the scope of accreditation.

Accreditation scope of DFTL:

Drilling fluids components

  • Barytic concentrate
  • Hematite high-density weighting material
  • Clay raw material for production of drilling grade bentonite, bentonite clay for drilling fluids
  • Precipitated marble, ground marble
  • Organic synthesis products for well construction, crude production and transport
  • Chemical products (compositions), used for well construction (drilling and completion)

Drilling fluids (RD 39-00147001-773-2004)

  • quality control of reagents for drilling fluids by standard techniques
  • quality control of reagents by non-standard
  • measurements of water-based and oil-based drilling fluids parameters by standard techniques
  • specific researches
    • high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) filtration
    • HPHT filtration using permeability tester of plugging materials
    • HPHT rheology
    • rheology at low shear rate
    • rheology at negative temperature
    • stopping power
    • tendency to packing
    • lubricating property and test for pressure limit
    • high temperature ageing of drilling fluids
    • defining of stickiness
    • defining of adhesion
    • activity of water phase of oil-based drilling
    • content of soluble sulphides and carbonates
    • specific resistance
    • content of carbonate weighting additive
    • capillary imbibition
  • optimization of colmatage property of drilling fluids
    • estimation of optimal fractional composition of colmatant for minimum pay zone contamination
    • defining of filtration value and colmatant ability of drilling fluids by using of ceramic disks