Formulations of backfill materials, taking into account the characteristics of the field
A full cycle of research of the properties of backfill materials
Research and development of buffer fluid formulations to improve the quality of wellbore preparation for cementing


Drilling muds development Laboratory “BURINTEKH”, Ltd is a research base with a full cycle of research on the creation and implementation of new promising developments in the field of backfill materials, displacement fluids and lost circulation materials.

Laboratory specialists are engaged in the development of backfill material formulations to improve the quality of formation isolation in the interval of productive horizons and prevent the occurrence of cross-flows during casing lining the hole, the development of LCM in various geological conditions, as well as the solution of various related tasks.

To date the following main types of materials have been developed and used:

  • Expandable backfill material designed for cementing productive intervals;
  • Impact-resistant reinforced backfill material with increased resistance to shock and cyclic loads;
  • Lightweight backfill material designed to reduce well casing costs, for well cementing in one stage, without stage cementing collar;
  • Magnesian backfill material for cementing salt-saturated formations;
  • Backfill materials for remedial cementing;
  • Compositions for lost circulation control;
  • Buffer fluids.

Reagents development Laboratory analyzes the current situation with the casing string, identifies the reasons for the poor quality of lining and determines the directions for the improvement. Laboratory performs search and selection of components of backfill materials for the development of formulations of materials, taking into account the characteristics of the field. The equipment of the laboratory allows determining all the basic parameters of the cement slurry and cement stone for normal and moderate temperature conditions

Reagents development Laboratory also promptly solves and eliminates problems that arise during the engineering support of casing string cementing and installation of cement bridges.


The main directions of the laboratory work

Development of formulations of backfill materials with special properties (expanding, shock-resistant, acid-soluble, salt-resistant, and lightweight) for cementing productive intervals in production and injection wells. The developed backfill materials are aimed at improving the quality of casing strings fastening.

Development of buffer fluid formulations to improve the quality of wellbore preparation for cementing.

Development of lost circulation materials, including fast-filtering mixes, high cure rate polymer materials, and special cement formulations with variable rheology.

Incoming analysis of cements and materials used in well cementing, as well as chemicals and additives.

Optimization and selection of additives and reagents for backfill materials.

Laboratory equipment

Reagents development Laboratory is equipped with equipment for quality control of materials and chemicals for well casing. Control of the parameters of oil well cements is carried out in accordance with the technical specifications (GOST 1581) and test methods (GOST 34532 and GOST 310.3).


  • determination of rheological parameters of cement slurries
  • definition of filtration properties (HPHT)
  • thickening time determination (HPHT)
  • determination of the strength of cement stone in bending and compression
  • determination of fineness of cement
  • determination of cement slurry water loss
  • determination of cement slurry density
  • determination of cement stone permeability to gas
  • determination of the linear expansion of cement stone
  • quality control of reagents for backfill materials


  • Development of backfill materials with increased impact strength

  • Influence of expanding additives on the contraction of well cements

  • Test method for expanding cementing materials

  • Normal stresses developed by an expanding cement stone evaluation methods

  • Thixotropic backfill material “BIT-Cem-Fix” for loss circulation control from “BURINTEKH”, Ltd

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