“BURINTEKH”, Ltd Mud Department was founded in 2005 on the basis of the muds laboratory. Over the years the Service has developed and implemented mud systems for drilling in various mining and geological conditions as well as a line of chemicals for muds of own production.


In 2005 the laboratory was engaged in the development of standard parameters of well-known muds, the selection of parameters for specific wells, development of a fluid for coring, and the solution of current problems with fluids that arise when drilling with bits of “BURINTEKH”, Ltd. In November of the same year the first well (sidetrack) was drilled at the Zapadno-Surgutskoye field using mud developed by our laboratory specialists. Over time the number of studies of muds and drilling chemicals has increased, as well as the amount of equipment needed to perform them. On the basis of the laboratory, training and preparation for certification of field engineers for drilling fluids were carried out.


In 2007 an application was filed for patenting SKIF and SKIF+ muds, fully developed by the laboratory specialists, and in 2009 a patent was received. In May 2008, the foundation of the core research laboratory was laid - the installation for the study of formation damage FDS-350 was purchased. Research began on the creation of artificial cores, on the processing and purification of natural core material. In 2009, a representative office of the laboratory appeared in Buzuluk, where supervising of muds and reagents was carried out. In 2010, a group was established to develop our own reagents for drilling; work began on the creation of anti-balling and lubricating additives.


Currently, the Service has more than 100 people. Successful work experience has been accumulated in various mining and geological conditions at more than 100 fields in Western and Eastern Siberia, the Orenburg and Samara regions, the Stavropol Territory, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan. All personnel involved in the provision of services have been compulsorily trained and certified for knowledge of the regulatory legal acts of the legislation of the Russian Federation regarding labor protection, health, safety and environment, and have the appropriate certificates. In addition all personnel systematically undergo training in first aid in case of accidents at work, general industrial safety requirements, and safe work during the construction of wells in fields with a high content of hydrogen sulfide, well management during oil, gas and water shows, fire-technical minimum, etc.