Quality Control Department today is an independent structural subdivision of the enterprise and is part of the Quality Service. The main tasks of the division are to prevent the production of products by the enterprise that do not meet the requirements of standards and specifications, approved samples, design and technological documentation, delivery terms and contracts, or incomplete products, as well as strengthening production discipline and increasing the responsibility of all production links for the quality of products. Control of raw materials, components, products supplied to the enterprise for the manufacture of products of the main production.

Improvement and introduction of new operation practices including through the use of modern information technologies. Carrying out its activities in accordance with the standards, instructions of the IMS and other regulatory legal acts.

  1. Incoming control of received materials and semi-finished products is carried out (according to the incoming control register) with the execution of acceptance certificates.
  2. Manufacture and release of products is controlled, according to the requirements of the technological process, at control points - from the blank to the assembly unit. Photographing products at critical stages of processing and final control of finished products.
  3. Each manufactured product is accompanied by a passport and an instruction manual. The fact of QCD acceptance of products is reflected in the product passport.

Quality control specialists undergo periodic training and certification, including the requirements of international standards and regulatory documents.

We work with such world leaders in the production of high-precision measuring tools and equipment as Mitutoyo, Muhr, GAGEMKER.

Tool joint parameters check

This type of check makes it possible to estimate with high accuracy the main parameters of the tool joints, the manufacturing quality of which plays an important role for the efficient operation of manufactured products.
For measurements, universal measuring instruments GAGEMAKER, American-made (Texas) are used.

Checked parameters:

  1. Taper
  2. Thread height
  3. Pitch
  4. Tightness
  5. Nose radius on Projector Compar-ST НF750F