Enterprise has a large production base - today it is state-of-the-art equipment, CNC machines, latest multi-axis machining centers and effective quality control tools at each stage of production allowing producing a wide range of products in accordance with all the requirements and wishes of the customer. The equipment itself, metal-cutting tools, technology software are unique products often unrivaled throughout the world.


“BURINTEKH”, Ltd became the first company in Russia to introduce its own matrix bits production. As early as 2008 enterprise began mastering the production of matrix rock destruction tools and diamond-impregnated bits using powder metallurgy. For the production of matrix tools, a unique electric furnace complex was purchased and installed. This computer-aided complex makes it possible to conduct metallurgical processes, record data on these processes and provides a special way of cooling without which a high-quality tool will not be obtained. This event was preceded by a large amount of research and development work in the field of research of new materials. Research work in this direction made it possible to develop original recipes for binders for the production of impregnated tools.


The company operates a full-cycle production of roller-cone bits launched in 2012. Roller-cone bits are manufactured on CNC machines and universal machines. Production includes a section of arms and cones; assembly, threading, welding and annealing section; section of chemical-thermal treatment and surfacing. In 2015 a new workshop was opened for the production of positive displacement motors, jars and rotary-steerable systems. The main function of the workshop: machining, assembly and testing, a full cycle of manufacturing jars, positive displacement motors and rotary- steerable systems of own unique design.


Today “BURINTEKH”, Ltd produces PDC bits, tri-cone bits, impregnated bits and core bits, bicentric, sidetracking as well as special bits, underreamers and hole openers, core barrels, casing exit and casing section milling systems, workover mills, jars, MWD systems, BHA elements, casing mounting, chemicals for muds and backfill materials. Any development is created for specific tasks of a particular customer, implemented in production, allowing oil and gas workers to improve technical and economic indicators in the shortest possible time and find unique solutions to the most complex technological problems when drilling wells for various purposes.