“BURINTEKH”, Ltd for more than 10 years continues to hold a leading position in the development and production of fundamentally new designs and types of tools for drilling and workover oil and gas wells.

Having large research facilities and high-tech equipment “BURINTEKH”, Ltd was able to find many unique solutions that have been widely implemented in the design of all types of manufactured products that ensure the achievement of the highest cost-performance ratio.

Investments in research and development and close cooperation with customers allowed us to improve our products and expand our range.

“BURINTEKH”, Ltd manufactures products mainly for the needs of the oil and gas industry, and every year more and more masters the needs of the mining industry.

  • Rock destruction tools

    Design and development of a world-competitive rock destruction tools is carried out by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in scientific and design work.

    Породоразрушающие инструменты
  • Coring tools

    “BURINTEKH”, Ltd develops and produces tools necessary for high-quality recovering of both non-isolated and isolated core with a diameter from 45 to 133 mm, including core bits for rocks of I–X categories of hardness, I–XII categories

    Инструмент для отбора керна
  • Sidetracking and workover tools

    One of the activities of “BURINTEKH”, Ltd is the production of equipment for sidetracking and well workover. A wide range of manufactured equipment and the ability to design tools for specific geological conditions.

    Инструмент ЗБС и КРС
  • BHA elements

    “BURINTEKH”, Ltd is constantly expanding its range of products and currently offers several more unique solutions in completely new types of tools, supply correctors and bit protectors that provide optimal loading.

    Элементы КНБК
  • Jars

    “BURINTEKH”, Ltd hydraulic and mechanical jars are designed to release stuck downhole equipment with up and down impacts in combination with static axial tensile load and torque.

  • Chemicals

    “BURINTEKH”, Ltd produces inhibitors, hardness reducers, release agents, lubricants, insulating fluids, multifunctional reagents.

  • Casing mounting

    Today “BURINTEKH”, Ltd is the largest Russian developer and manufacturer of world-competitive tools for drilling and workover oil, gas and mining wells.

    Технологическая оснастка обсадных колонн
  • RSS

    One of success factors of operation using RSS is the competent selection of drilling tools that can realize the full potential of these systems. Therefore at present time “BURINTEKH”, Ltd is actively developing and implementing equipment for operations with RSS.

    Роторно-управляемые системы
  • PDC cutters

    ALKOM LLC, a “BURINTEKH”, Ltd subsidiary - a unique Russian developer and manufacturer of serial PDC cutters for rock destruction tools.

    Резцы PDC

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