Design and development of a world-competitive rock destruction tools is carried out by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in scientific and design work on creating tools for drilling and well workover both throughout the Russian Federation and abroad.

Thanks to modern software that allows simulating the process of rocks destruction with different physical and mechanical properties and mud circulation already at the design stage specialists set the necessary characteristics based on specific technical, technological and geological drilling conditions.

  • PDC bits

    PDC долота
  • Bits for rotary steerable systems

    Долота для роторных управляемых систем
  • Roller-cone bits

    Шарошечные долота
  • Special bits

    Специальные долота
  • Bicentric and concentric bits

    Бицентричные и концентричные долота
  • Matrix Tool

    Матричный инструмент
  • Expandable reamers

    Раздвижные расширители
  • Blade reamers

    Расширители лопастные

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