The design of the pilot and reaming parts allows for efficient reaming, reducing the likelihood of whirling.
The body of bicentric and concentric bits is integrally-machined design.
Overall dimensions are selected to provide the best steerability of assemblies.



Bicentric bits

Bicentric bits make it possible to drill wells with a diameter larger than the drift diameter of the wellhead equipment, previously run casing and drilled intervals.

The design features of bicentric bits provide good controsteerabilityllability, high ROP and high-quality reaming.


Concentric bits

Concentric bits make it possible to drill wells with simultaneous reaming of the wellbore throughout the entire interval.

Bits of this line have a carefully balanced cutting structure, which minimizes the wear of cutters and casing strings when drilling out mountings.



  • “BURINTEKH”, Ltd renders casing exit services and sidetracking at "Varyoganneftegaz". More than 500 window milling operations have been successfully completed.

  • Feedback from OAO Slavneft-Megionneftegaz: when rendering bit run services produced by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd, high ROP rates and efficiency were achieved.

  • Feedback from Belorusneft-Siberia LLC on the field use of the EMULCARB M oil-based mud: the mud was stable, the rheological parameters were in accordance with the requirements of the project documentation and program flushing, and ensured effective removal of cuttings.

  • “BURINTEKH”, Ltd provides services for the provision of bits and engineering support to Nefteyugansk subsidiary LLC "RN-Burenie". During the cooperation more than 2.5 million meters have been successfully drilled with BURINTEKH bits.


  • “BURINTEKH”, Ltd Technical means for well construction


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