Selection of the most optimal tool for specific customer conditions
Delivery of the required number of tools to your facility
We will take over the technological management of the bit runs on the site and prepare a report


“BURINTEKH”, Ltd is the leader in the Russian Federation in terms of high-quality and efficient bit service.

By choosing us as a bit service provider you can forget about the problems associated with the provision of drill bits and pay for services upon completion.

Bit service includes:

  • Development of group and individual bit programs, including the selection of the most optimal tool for specific technical, technological and geological conditions of the customer.
  • Continuous supply of the customer with rock destruction tools, including the creation of a reserve for autonomy.
  • Delivery of the required amount of tools to the work site or the customer's base point (in conditions of autonomy or other restrictions on road traffic).
  • Object tracking by qualified engineers who have office equipment and the necessary software at their disposal. Portable accommodation is provided if necessary.
  • Technological management of bits runs at the object.
  • Preparation of a bit run report including the actual bit program.
  • Carrying out a technical-technological and technical-economic analysis of bits runs and service support in general.
  • Performing tool modifications in order to maximize compliance with the tasks.
The positive dynamics of the volume of service support is a clear evidence of the quality and efficiency of bit service.са.

What the customer receives when using the Service:

  • Release of significant funds by paying for services after their completion, no need to create bit stock (especially during the period of autonomy).
  • No risks associated with untimely application for the purchase of bits, disruption of delivery or delivery of low-quality tools.
  • No risks associated with unskilled tool operation.
  • Clear bit cost planning (service support) for the well.
  • Reduction of well construction time, operating costs.
  • Training of the customer's personnel to work effectively with the tool.


  • Since 2008, “BURINTEKH”, Ltd has been providing bit runs service support when drilling directional and horizontal wells at the fields of Slavneft-Megionneftegaz.

  • Feedback from LLC BSK GRAND on the work of “BURINTEKH”, Ltd: high results were achieved in terms of ROP, 100% core recovery was ensured when drilling an exploratory well.

  • Feedback from TNK-Uvat LLC: when rendering bit run services produced by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd, high results were shown in terms of economic efficiency in the use of these bits.

  • Strezhevoy branch of «Siberian Service Company», CJSC

  • At the facilities of ZAO “SSK”, was rendered bit run service. A wide range of bits produced by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd provides good steerability compared to other representatives of this service.

  • Two wells were drilled at the facilities of Rospan-International LLC. The equipment and services provided by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd ensured acceptable quality, the work was carried out on time.

  • Drilling Department of West Siberian Drilling Division, OJSC «Samotlorneftegaz»

  • Nefteyugansk branch of «Siberian Service Company», CJSC

  • Feedback from RussNeft-Drilling LLC on collaboration and product quality: tri-cone bit 215, 9 Z20RS showed competitiveness with similar products from another company.

  • At the fields of OAO Slavneft-Megionneftegaz, when rendering bit run services produced by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd, high ROP rates and efficiency were achieved.

  • “BURINTEKH”, Ltd rendered supply and engineering bit run services for the Usinsk branch of LLC “Drilling Company “Eurasia”. The high professionalism of the employees, the implementation of bit programs and the prompt solution of tasks were noted.



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