This type of service is auxiliary and is provided only in conjunction with bit service
Downhole motors fleet of own production


At the present time when there are a large number of manufacturers of modern PDMs on the market that allow working with PDC bits, it is more profitable for drilling companies to rent downhole motors, involving one or more contractors, instead of maintaining their own PDM fleet.

Today “BURINTEKH”, Ltd has a significant fleet of PDM of its own production, specially selected for all standard sizes of bits produced by us, protecting you from additional financial, time costs and risks.


  • “BURINTEKH”, Ltd renders integrated services at the facilities of “Yamal Drilling” LLC, supplies chemicals for remedial cementing. Well-coordinated work made it possible to achieve high technical and economic indicators of well construction.

  • Record rates of penetration were set with BIT 295.3 - 183 m/h, BIT 220.7 - 84 m/h, BIT 152.4 - 55 m/h.

  • “BURINTEKH”, Ltd renders a range of sidetracking services at the facilities of “Belorusneft-Siberia” LLC. Works are performed in time and qualitatively. Equipment and advanced technologies ensure trouble-free drilling of wells.

  • At the facilities of Variogan Oil Drilling Company LLC, “BURINTEKH”, Ltd renders a range of directional and horizontal wells drilling support. The company's equipment ensures safe and trouble-free drilling of wells.

  • Strezhevoy branch of «Siberian Service Company», CJSC

  • Two wells were drilled at the facilities of Rospan-International LLC. The equipment and services rendered by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd ensured acceptable quality, the work was carried out on time.

  • Nefteyugansk branch of «Siberian Service Company», CJSC


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