“BURINTEKH”, Ltd produces inhibitors, hardness reducers, release agents, lubricants, insulating fluids, multifunctional reagents. Also in the product line of the enterprise there are various backfill materials, backfill materials control agents and lost circulation control materials.

Quality control of products, search, selection, development and synthesis of new reagents is provided by Backfill materials and muds development Service.

The production of reagents is carried out at our own factory in Ufa. Due to the presence of warehouses that meet all the requirements and standards for the storage of reagents in the cities of Ufa, Nefteyugansk, Pyt-Yakh, Nizhnevartovsk, Noyabrsk, Novy Urengoy, Orenburg, Buzuluk, as well as a sufficient number of vehicles, the delivery of products is performed within a short time.

  • Cementing reagents

    Реагенты для цементирования
  • Backfill materials

    Тампонажные материалы
  • Lost circulation materials (LCM)

    Материалы для ликвидации поглощений
  • Buffer fluids

    Буферные жидкости
  • Isulating fluid for core recovery

    Изолирующая жидкость для отбора керна
  • Mud reagents

    Реагенты для буровых растворов

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