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Backfill material with thixotropic properties
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Polymeric two-part composition that hardens into a durable, resistant to aggressive actions material
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LCM with instant filtration
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LCM with increased plugging property for extreme lost circulation



Thixotropic backfill material “BIT-Cem-Fix”

Backfill material a feature of which is the ability to change the rheological properties depending on the mechanical impact on the solution.


Lost circulation material “BIT-Plug”

Fast-filtering material designed for lost-circulation control during the construction of oil and gas wells.


Polymer material “BIT-SBC”

Designed for lost-circulation control of varying intensity as well as for eliminating natural brine shows during well construction.


  • LCM “BIT-PLUG” - effective loss circulation control from “BURINTEKH”, Ltd

  • Thixotropic backfill material “BIT-Cem-Fix” for loss circulation control from “BURINTEKH”, Ltd

  • Loss circulation control with technology “BIT-SBC” “BURINTEKH”, Ltd

  • Concentrate for releasing differential sticking

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