Multifunctional reagents of own production under the specific conditions of the customer
Retarders, defoamers, reagents for adjusting rheological characteristics of cement slurry



Plasticizers for cement slurries “BIT-Plast”

Allows increasing fluidity of cement paste, adjusting rheological characteristics of cement slurry, slightly changing the setting time.


Cement slurry filtrate agent “BIT-Floss”

Product is designed to reduce filter value of the cement slurry by cement paste structurization.


Cement slurry defoamer “BIT-DF”

Designed for controlling foaming and reducing the air content in the cement slurry.


Cement slurry thickening retarder “BIT-RD”

Retarder allows significantly change the time of thickening and setting of cement slurry and provides the ability to perform all technological operations for the delivery of cement slurry to hot wells.


Cement slurry expansion agent “BIT-Expand”

“BIT-Expand” is an active mineral additive with an expanding effect for use in the producing of expanding backfill material from Portland cement.


  • Normal stresses developed by an expanding cement stone evaluation methods

  • Expansion of cement slurry-stone and control of its properties

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