“BURINTEKH”, Ltd products and services are in demand not only in the Russian Federation, but also in the world, successfully competing with the offers of foreign companies. Breakthrough to foreign markets demonstrates the high potential and competitiveness of the enterprise, challenge stereotypes that Russian companies do not have their own advanced technologies.


Entering the international arena was made possible by combining the best production and engineering resources. For more than 20 years of the enterprise existence a unique research and production base has developed within the walls of the enterprise. Research work is of great importance for the growth of the enterprise that is why “BURINTEKH”, Ltd pays great attention to it. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of our Development and Production Center, the performance indicators of both manufactured and newly developed products are constantly improving.


Each development of “BURINTEKH”, Ltd is a unique solution to the most complex technological problem that a specific customer faced when drilling a well. It is an individual approach that makes it possible to improve economic of wells for various purposes in the shortest possible time.