«BURINTEKH», Ltd provides a wide range of oilfield services for oil and gas wells drilling and workover operations, utilizing all types of manufactured tools.

Positive experience in providing services gained over many years in variuos parts of our vast Motherland allows us to undertake operations of any complexity and perform them qualitatively, fully and in target dates, regardless of the remoteness of the objects.

Competent engineering staff having rich practical experience renders oilfield services by proper high-tech tool workout with achievement of the best techno-economic performance.

  • Drilling

    The service includes all basic types of services. Comprehensive engineering and technological support allows the customer to drill wells of any complexity quickly, efficiently, with minimal costs and risks.

  • Sidetracking

    We offer several effective solutions for sidetracking in a cased well in the form of window milling or a full casing section milling.

    Зарезка боковых стволов
  • Remedial cementing

    “BURINTEKH”, Ltd specialists have developed and successfully applied the technology of remedial cementing to cut off formation waters travel along the wellbore using an expandable tools of own production.

    Ремонтно-изоляционные работы
  • Laboratory researches

    Mud testing laboratory and well casing laboratory are the research base with a full cycle of research on the creation and implementation of new promising developments in the field of drilling.

    Лабораторные исследования
  • Jars and BHA elements lease

    “BURINTEKH”, Ltd rents out axial and torsional jars for drilling and workover as well as BHA elements of its own production (calibrators, centralizers, supply correctors - dampers, bit protectors, reciprocators).

    Предоставление в аренду яссов и элементов КНБК
  • Diagnostic laboratory

    The laboratory of technical diagnostics, non-destructive and destructive testing “BURINTEKH”, Ltd is a center for the study of materials, especially metals and alloys, using destructive and non-destructive testing methods.

    Лаборатория технической диагностики

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