• “BURINTEKH”, Ltd technologies for drilling in complex geological conditions

    The article is given in Russian.
    «Нефть.Газ.Новации» 1/2022

  • Prize winner ”Supply corrector - damper (KPD)”

    Prize winner 2022
  • BIT-RZD-178 and BIT-RZD-245 were run at the facilities of AO “Investgeoservice”. The products of “BURINTEKH”, Ltd products showed itself to good advantage, bits used while normalization did not have significant wear and were suitable for further drilling.

    The article is given in Russian.
    AO “Investgeoservice”

  • IADC Classification for PDC and Diamond Bits

  • Certificate IADC 2022

    Scientific and production enterprise limited liability company "BURINTEKH"
  • Mud additive “DPS”, grades LV, ZV, SV

    Certificates of conformity № 0637945
  • Republican unitary enterprise “Production Association “Belorusneft” performed milling of 11 composite plugs with one mill FZVS2-114.3Sp-1.N66 produced by “BURINTEKH”, Ltd. Operation was performed as usual, without complications.

    The article is given in Russian.
    Republican unitary enterprise “Production Association “Belorusneft”