The positive experience accumulated over many years in providing services in various regions of the Russian Federation allows “BURINTEKH”, Ltd Drilling Department to take on work of any complexity and perform it efficiently, in full and on time, regardless of the remoteness of the objects.


Competent engineering and technical personnel with vast field experience work runs out tools as efficiently as possible with the achievement of the best economic performance. A confirmation of the quality and efficiency of service support is the positive dynamics of its volumes.

Today “BURINTEKH”, Ltd renders a wide range of services for engineering and technological support while drilling and workover of oil and gas wells using all types of manufactured tools.

  • Bit service
  • PDM service
  • Coring service
  • Core, formation fluids, agents and muds research service
  • Reaming service
  • Directional drilling service with provision MWD and PDM
  • Muds, backfill materials and process fluids service
  • Casing exit service
  • Remedial cementing
  • Jars and BHA elements rent
  • Integrated project management


Using “BURINTEKH”, Ltd services customers get the opportunity not create bits in reserve (especially during the period of autonomy), while the risks associated with late execution of an application for the purchase of bits, disruption of delivery or delivery of low-quality tools, are completely absent, as are the risks, associated with unskilled tool run. The customer also gets the opportunity to clearly plan the cost of bits (service support) for the well, reduce construction time and operating costs. In addition, customer personnel are trained to work effectively with the tool.