“BURINTEKH”, Ltd Mud Testing Laboratory and Drilling agents development Laboratory is a research base with a full cycle of research on the creation and implementation of new promising developments in the field of drilling fluids, buffer fluids, cementing materials and lost circulation materials.

“BURINTEKH”, Ltd Mud Testing Laboratory is accredited in the National Accreditation System RusAccreditation and in the Voluntary Certification System GOSTAccreditation.

In addition “BURINTEKH”, Ltd Mud Testing Laboratory successfully passed the confirmation of competence in the National Accreditation System RusAccreditation for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2019 in terms of testing drilling muds and reagents for its preparation.

  • Researches of backfill materials, reagents for properties control

    Исследования тампонажных материалов, реагентов для регулирования их свойств и цементного камня
  • Core and reservoir fluid research

    Исследования керна и пластовых флюидов
  • Muds and components research

    Исследования буровых растворов и их компонентов

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