Well cementing in one stage with lightweight cementing materials
Our company has developed special impact-resistant reinforced, expanding and magnesia backfill materials
Our company has its own supply bases and storage warehouses for materials and reagents



Magnesia backfill material “BIT-Cem-M”

Designed for cementing casing strings that cover deposits of easily soluble salts and other rocks.


Lightweight backfill material “BIT-Cem-L”

In order to simplify the process and reduce the cost of well casing it is important to use lightweight materials for well cementing in one stage.


Expanding backfill material “BIT-Cem-RTM”

Designed for cementing operation well pay zones, injection intervals (in injection wells) in order to improve the quality of formation isolation.


Impact-resistant reinforced backfill material “BIT-Cem-Arm”

The main feature is that the cement stone of such a slurry has an impact strength much more than ordinary cement.


Gypsum-cement backfill material “BIT-Cem-Gips”

It is intended for casing wells in permafrost conditions, lost circulation control.


  • Magnesia backfill material “BIT-Cem-M”


  • Development of backfill materials with increased impact strength

  • Influence of expanding additives on the contraction of well cements

  • Test method for expanding cementing materials

  • Normal stresses developed by an expanding cement stone evaluation methods

  • Thixotropic backfill material “BIT-Cem-Fix” for loss circulation control from “BURINTEKH”, Ltd

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