Remedial cementing technology allows extending the operation of flooded wells
Laboratories of the enterprise are constantly working on improving the formulations of backfill materials
The effectiveness of BIT-SBC technology in eliminating lost circulation has been proven by numerous field trials


“BURINTEKH”, Ltd specialists have developed and successfully applied the technology of remedial cementing to cut off formation waters travel along the wellbore using an expandable tool of own production, string mill FKR and an reamer RR, and expanding backfill material RTM-75 developed in the company's research laboratory.

The remedial cementing technology allows extending the operation of flooded wells.

We use the following methods for cutting off and isolating water inflows:

  • Cut-off method, when formation water directly underlies the productive horizon;
  • Method of isolating the underlying horizons in order to organize the reservoir pressure maintenance into the required reservoir;
  • Method of cutting off the water inflow with subsequent running of the filter for lithologically unstable productive horizons.

The design and execution of works are carried out by highly qualified specialists with many years of practical experience in cutting sections of casing strings, reaming wellbores and preparing cement slurry with the necessary rheological properties.


  • Feedback from Gazprom Podzemremont Orenburg LLC on the effectiveness of the services rendered: when performing lower water control during remedial cementing in gas condensate wells, the equipment and reagents of “BURINTEKH”, Ltd are used. The work was done efficiently.


  • Loss circulation control with technology “BIT-SBC” “BURINTEKH”, Ltd

  • Analysis of vibration impact on self-unscrewing of the elements of Expandable Milling and reaming tools

  • Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of defoamers for drilling muds

  • Remedial cementing technology - cutting off fluid migration along the wellbore

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