Wellbore reaming to the nominal diameter both when moving down and up
Reaming part reinforced with carbide inserts with a cutting edge


The use of these reamer-bits allows increasing average BHA pull-out-of-hole after drilling and thus reduce pulling out time.


Reamer bits KRp-2CT

Reamer bits are designed for calibrating and reaming well sections represented by medium, hard and abrasive formations. Reamer bits allow reaming horizontal and high dogleg severity wells preventing accidental sidetracking and sizing wellbore to nominal diameter both moving down and up.

Reamer bits are produced with two tapered surfaces. Tapered surfaces, reinforced with tungsten carbide inserts with cutting edge, comprise reaming part of a tool.

Reamer bit type OD, mm Default quantity of blades Tool joint
GOST 28487-90 API
KRp 113,5-117,5 4 Z-73 NC-26
120,6 Z-76 / Z-86 2 ⅞ Reg / NC-31
120,6 Z-86 NC-31
140-146 6 Z-86 NC-31
146-165 Z-102 NC-38
210-218 Z-133 / 147 NC-50 / 5 ½ FH


Spiral eccentric reamer-bits

Designed for calibrating and reaming well sections represented by soft and medium rocks, as well as for eliminating the micro tortuosity.

The eccentric shape of the blades of the KRpC-L with PDC cutting structure makes it possible to use the reamer with bits equal to or larger than the nominal diameter of the reamer.

Size Nominal diameter, mm Effective diameter while drilling, mm Effective diameter while drilling, mm Tool joint
GOST 28487–2018 API
KRpC-123,8-126-2К.П-86-86 123,8 126 789/700 Z-86 NC-31
KRpC-126-128-2К.П-86-86 126 128 789/700 Z-86 NC-31
KRpC-14Z-148-2К.П-102-102 143 148 1302/1200 Z-102 NC-38
KRpC-152,4-157,2-2К.П-102-102 152,4 157,2 1302/1200 Z-102 NC-38
KRpC-217-223,9-2К.П-13Z-133 217 223,9 1354/1240 Z-133 NC-50



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