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Running to target depth with reaming complex intervals
Reaming shoe is reinforced with PDC cutters


For reaming the wellbore during casing running without rotation drillable BIT-DM and non-drillable BIT-DOK motors were developed.

BIT-DM motor is the optimal solution in those cases when you need to run the casing through complicated sections of the wellbore, cement and continue drilling the next section. Due to the use of easy-to-drill materials, the time spent on drilling out “BIT-DM” slightly exceeds the drilling time of a standard circulation check valve.


Casing running drillable motor with reaming shoe BIT-DM

Designed for reaming previously drilled well bore during running casing, cementing though motor section lost in bottomhole and after reaching target depth its subsequent drilling out with rock destruction tool. It is possible to produce motor with pike-shaped reaming shoe which allow avoiding slacking off and sidetracking.

The non-drillable BIT-DOK motor is designed to run the last sections or liners. The hydraulic power drive, by analogy with BIT-DM, is implemented using a rotor-screw pair. This allows achieving high torque values during the operation of the tool. And the relatively small sizes do not impede the passage of the string through the intervals with high dogleg severity.


Casing running non-drillable motor with reaming shoe BIT-DOK

Designed for reaming previously drilled well bore during running and cementing casing though pressure relief unit. It is used for running last casing section or liners.


  • BIT-RZD-178 and BIT-RZD-245 were run at the facilities of AO “Investgeoservice”. The products of “BURINTEKH”, Ltd products showed itself to good advantage, bits used while normalization did not have significant wear and were suitable for further drilling.


  • Drillable downhole motors “BIT-RZD”

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