The first successful experience of using GMB-178

On May 15, 2022 at the Priobskoe field for the first time 178mm casing with GMB-178 no. 30 was run in hole. Field trials a hydraulic-mechanical shoe showed a positive effect of using the system, as a result of which the field trials were performed successfully.

Before run in hole GMB-178 was subjected to visual inspection. No defects were found, the spring was in good condition. Testing of GMB-178 was performed on the rotary table by smoothly applying the axial load. During 178mm casing RIH at a depth of 1751 and 1947m 5-10t drag downs were obtained.

Hydraulic-mechanical shoe GMB-178 is designed for reaming previously drilled wellbore while casing running. The rotation of the reaming shoe is achieved by reciprocating the casing up and down with no need to rotate the string itself. The use of easy-to-drill materials allows using conventional PDC bits.

  • “BURINTEKH”, Ltd design engineers joined the ranks of the best young scientists in Russia

    Employees of the enterprise were awarded honorary diplomas of the “Hope of Russia” prize from the Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Public Associations
  • ElWethaq Company director visit (Libya)

    Libyan partners attended a set of lectures and passed training at “BURINTEKH”, Ltd.