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Fully extractable compact MWD systems “Compass”
Reliable and accurate data for specific drilling conditions
Retrievable device can be reentered without round-trip operations


“BURINTEKH”, Ltd provides directional and horizontal wells drilling MWD support using its own mud channel systems with gamma and resistivity options.

We offer optimal and efficient solution for specialists engaged in drilling directional and horizontal wells in the form of COMPASS and BITGEOKURS MWD systems.

MWD system “COMPASS”

Module system designed for easy transport and assembly at the well. The robust MWD is fully retrievable and can be retrieved in the event of a stuck pipe reducing the risk of equipment being lost downhole.


Since 2017 as part of import substitution “BURINTEKH”, Ltd has been producing the BITGEOKURS MWD system. The equipment successfully competes with foreign counterparts and is fully compatible with “COMPASS”.

The design of downhole mud channel MWD tools COMPASS and BITGEOKURS is based on 7 main interchangeable modules:

  • Retrieving module;
  • Battery module;
  • Navigation module (inclination);
  • Transmitting module (pulser);
  • Gamma log module;
  • Induction resistivity module;
  • Connecting modules (stabilizers).

The main advantages of MWD systems are:

  • Retrievability of downhole modules in case of emergency operations;
  • Low power consumption, which ensures maximum battery life (from 300 to 400 hours of operation in circulation mode);
  • Short full maintenance time (3 hours) due to the use of modern materials and technologies, minimal repair and maintenance costs;
  • Operation with a high content of plugging additives (up to 112.5 kg/m3) and sand (up to 1.5%);
  • High reliability of equipment;
  • Universal applicability of systems for various drilling sections;
  • Generated pulse amplitude adjustment by selecting valve pair in a wide flow range from 3 to 75 l/s.
The work of “BURINTEKH”, Ltd specialists with COMPASS and BITGEOKURS systems has been repeatedly noted by letters of appreciation from large oil and gas companies.

Systems are accredited in the Russian Federation as measuring means and have all the necessary certificates of conformity and permits.


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