Choosing us as bit service provider You can forget about problems connected with drill bits provision and can make payments upon performance of services.
This type of service is auxiliary and provided only with the Drill Bits.
BURINTEKH, Ltd. renders core recovery services using core barrels and core heads of own production. Currently enterprise specialists successfully recover core with diameter 100 mm up to 30 m and 80 mm up to 10 m.
Interval for liner, tail pipe, shaped shutter, remedial cementing section, previously drilled wellbore will be qualitatively reamed to required diameter on a tight schedule by highly experienced specialists having long-term field experience in reaming wellbores.
BURINTEKH, Ltd. renders services of engineering-technological support in directional and horizontal drilling using both own MWD systems and customer MWD systems and in case of using customers the service will be ancillary and can be provided only together with bit service.
BURINTEKH, Ltd. renders telemetric support of drilling directional and horizontal wells using own systems with mud and electro-magnetic channels. Also there is an ability of including gamma ray logging module.
Since November 2005 enterprise renders drilling muds service support. Today we offer our solutions for drilling and completion deep and ultra deep wells, sidetracks in difficult mining and geological conditions as own drilling mud systems and process liquids.