The RIW technology extends the operation of flooded wells

Repair and Insulation Works

Scientists at «BURINTEKH», Ltd tested and successfully used the technology of repair and insulation work (RIW) to cut off migration routes of water formation in the wellbore.

We developed a sliding tool of our own design, with FKR type expandable mill, RR type underreamer and expanding, plugging material RTM-75, in our research laboratory.

The RIW technology extends the operation of flooded wells. We used the following methods of clipping and water shutoff:

  • clipping method when water directly underlies productive oil layer;
  • method of isolating productive oil layer for the organization within a desired RPE layer;
  • water inflow cut-off method with subsequent lowering of a filter for unstable productive layers.

This service is carried out by highly qualified specialists with many years of practical experience in window milling in the casing strings, wellbore openings and preparation of cement slurry with desired rheological properties.