• Rock destruction tools catalogue

    «BURINTEKH», Ltd offers the best in Russian Federation PDC Bits, product line of which regularly being widened due to new and unique solutions for both steel and matrix bodies, allowing us to select optimal tools for each concrete case, improve well construction quality and significantly reduce geological and technological risks.

  • Roller cone bits catalogue

    “BURINTEKH”, Ltd roller-cone bits provide the highest level of reliability and performance. Each design embodies many years of design and manufacturing experience, the most stringent acceptance testing criteria and multiple tests in field conditions.

  • Tools for core recovery catalogue

    We develop and produce necessary tools for high quality coring of 52, 80 and 100 mm in diameter, including core heads for coring in formations of I-X category of hardness and I-XII category of abrasiveness and multi-purpose core barrels of different lengths.

  • Milling tools catalogue

    One of the enterprise activities is producing tools for sidetracking and well workover operations. Wide range of producing tools and ability to design it depending on concrete geological and technological conditions allow effectively solve any challenges.

  • Downhole hydromechanical tools catalogue

    A highly qualified team of design-engineers has vast experience in designing complex downhole equipment, the use of high-pressure sealing equipment in developed products up to 2000 atm. The equipment we develop is protected by patents of the Russian Federation, Eurasian patents, US and Canadian patents.

  • Oil and Gas wells casing accessories catalogue

    Technological accessories for running and cementing casings are a high-tech line of products designed for cementing oil and gas wells. The main range of equipment is represented by the well-proven easy-to-drill BITART tooling the hallmark of which is reliability, the ability to use in wells with any curvature and quick, trouble-free drilling with PDC bits.