Rock Destruction Drilling Tools

Design and development of competitive rock destruction drilling tools are provided by highly qualified specialists. Experienced designers work on creating tools for well drilling and workover operations across the entire territory of Russian Federation and abroad.

With our latest software, which allows modeling the process of rock destruction and bit hydraulics, our specialists have the ability to set all necessary characteristics depending on technological and geological drilling conditions.

Due to new and unique solutions, we are constantly expanding our range of high performance steel and matrix body PDC bits, providing high quality well construction and achieving maximum techno-economic performances.
Great international experience, modern production technologies and research base allow us to produce reliable and quality milled tooth and tungsten carbide insert tricone bits of the unibody and sectional types, expanding area of application of bits effectively working in heavy geological drilling conditions.
Available solution for drilling out cement and sand plugs, liner equipment, drilling in low abrasive soft and medium formations, reaming a wellbore.
Design features of bicentric bits provide good steerability and high ROP while simultaneous drilling and reaming intervals for liners and horizontal endings.
For reaming while drilling as a part of BHA comprising pilot drill bit or enlarging previously drilled intervals.