Sidetracking and Well Workover Operation Tools

One of the enterprise activities is producing tools for sidetracking and well workover operations. Wide range of producing tools and ability to design it depending on concrete geological and technological conditions allow effectively solve any challenges. All products are patented and certified in accordance with existing requirements.

The most effective solutions for window milling and sidetracking both with and without cement plug.
Expandable milling tools for continuous casing section milling throughout the diameter in any interval of wellbore.
Cementable and non-retrievable kits, providing necessary tilting of drilling assembly with respect to bore axis for intentional sidetracking.
Hydromechanical tools for cutting part of casing or tubing string in well for further retrieving to surface during repair-and-renewal operations.
Wide range of highly effective milling tools for various operations in cased and open holes.
Special BHA component required for calibrating and reaming horizontal and high dogleg severity well sections.
Hydraulic equipment for punching holes in tubing and casing of domestic and foreign manufacturers to make a communication between the interior cavity and the exterior annular space.