«BURINTEKH», Ltd continues to keep a leading position in development and production of new designs and types of tools for drilling and workover operations of oil and gas wells for more than 10 years.

Having a large research base and high-tech equipment, we found a variety of unique solutions widely introduced in development of all types of products that provide achieving highest techo-economic performance.

Investments in scientific research and close collaboration with customers allow improving our products and expanding its range.

«BURINTEKH» Ltd manufactures products primarily for oil and gas industry, and every year more and more meets the needs of mining industry.

Design and development of competitive rock destruction drilling tools are provided by highly qualified specialists, having many years of experience in creating of tools for well drilling and workover operations across the entire territory of Russian Federation and abroad.
We develop and produce necessary tools for high quality coring of 52, 80 and 100 mm in diameter, including core heads for coring in formations of I-X category of hardness and I-XII category of abrasiveness and multi-purpose core barrels of different lengths.
One of the enterprise activities is producing tools for sidetracking and well workover operations. Wide range of producing tools and ability to design it depending on concrete geological and technological conditions allow effectively solve any challenges. All products are patented and certified in accordance with existing requirements.
We permanently expand the range of products, and today, offer several unique solutions in the form of brand new tools.
Today, we produce a brand-new torsional jars purposed for releasing a stuck tool by up-and-down torsional impacts.
Production of reagents is provided at own factory in Ufa. Production quality control, search, selection, development and synthesis of new reagents are provided by enterprise Drilling Fluids Testing Laboratory.