Cement Slurry and Stone Testing

«BURINTEKH», Ltd Cementing Laboratory is a research facility with the full complement of research on the development and introduction of promising new products in the field of cement materials and displacement fluids. Laboratory specialists develop formulations of materials with expanding properties to both improve quality of zone isolation within zones of interest and to prevent cross flows while implementing casing jobs. Laboratory facilities allow us to analyze the quality of casing processes, to identify the root causes of poor quality of casings and to determine the right ways to improve quality. It allows us to select components for cement materials to develop formulations for specific applications.

Also, Cementing Laboraroty allows us to resolve and fix problems related to cementing services and installation of cement plugs.

Main areas of work

Development of materials with expanding properties for running casing string into zones of interest within production and injection wells. Cementing materials with expanding properties are being developed in order to improve the quality of casing jobs by increasing the contact pressure of cement ring between casing string and the wellbore.

Input analysis of basic cement materials which are being used for cementing; chemicals and additives. Quality control of agents used in the cementing materials.

Optimization and selection of additives and agents for cementing materials.

Development of buffer fluids to improve the quality of the borehole before cementing processes.

Cementing Laboratory Equipment

Cementing Laboratory is equipped for quality control of cementing materials and chemicals for cementing jobs. Controlling parameters of cement materials is conducted in accordance with the technical specifications (GOST 1581-96) and test methods (GOST 26798.1).

  • Determination of rheological parameters of cement slurries
  • Determination of filtration properties
  • Identification of jell time
  • Determination of cement bending and compression strength
  • Determination of the fineness of cement grinding
  • Identification of water separation of cement slurry
  • Determination of the density of cement slurry
  • Determination of the permeability of cement with gas