Reagents for Effective Removal of Cuttings


This is modern product for intensification cutting transport by muds without increasing liquid viscosity. Fiberglass represents polypropylene synthetic fibers of white color. Fibers are chemically inert and non toxic, compatible with any types of water, oils and solutions on synthetic base. Fibers do not cause corrosion, chemically inert and thermally stable.

Fiberglass is effective reagent for removal of sand, silt, gravel, clay-slate, metal fragments. In contrast to high-viscosity sludge removing polymers, the fiber can be used as often as it necessary without risk of increasing viscosity. It is packed in 18 kg (30 packs of 600 g or 20 packs of 900 g) or 10 kg sacks. It can be quickly added to mud supply system through hopper. Fibers and caught sludge are easily separated by mud cleaning system.

Main functions and properties

  • fibers are added to different mud types for increasing of cutting transport;
  • easily kept in suspension state and equalized in muds based on fresh and salt water allowing effectively remove cuttings while drilling;
  • absence of any chemical influence on drilling mud and bottomhole formation zone;
  • do not increase viscosity of mud;
  • facilitate removal of metal fragments while milling;
  • prevent accumulation of cuttings in annular space;
  • can be used in any drilling interval;
  • chemically compatible with all types of formation water, oils and synthetic based muds;
  • thermally stable up to 148°C;
  • safe for the environment;
  • not affected by subzero temperatures in contrast to some polymers.

Main physical properties


Synthetic fibers of white color without odor

Fiber length, mm


Engineering recommendations

It is recommended to use it for preparation cleaning packs purposed for cleaning bottomhole from cuttings. Cleaning pack with fibers is pumped to circulation system. Fibers and cuttings transported from bottomhole are supplied to shale shaker or to sludge collector.

Recommended concentration

Recommended concentration for cleaning pack is 2 kg/m3. The volume of cleaning pack must cover 150 m of annular space. Correspondingly for lateral well drilling the volume of cleaning pack is 3m3 and for production well drilling — 5 m3.