Production Control

Arrangements for operational control

Regular production control at work places is the one of the methods of prevention traumatism, accidents, incidents and fires. Such control is provided by means of operative revelation of qualification to requirements of rules and standards of safety with taking necessary actions for its elimination.

Main principle of control over provision labor safety is regular checks conducted by managers of different level of management.

Control over provision labor safety and working conditions is provided by:

  • foremen, section managers, regional representatives and other immediate supervisors - first control level;
  • department heads, chief specialists, senior foremen, HSSE department personnel – second control level;
  • general director, chief engineer, general director deputies, HSSE department head third control level.

Main objectives of production control

  • provision of observance requirements of labor protection, fire and environmental safety, sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, civil protection in emergency situations of nature and technological impact and production standards;
  • development of measures directed to improvement of labor safety conditions and environment loss prevention;
  • control over observance requirements specified by federal laws and other regulatory legal acts;
  • coordination of works directed to prevention of emergencies and industrial accidents, provision of readiness for accident containment and mitigation of consequences.

Achievement of stated objectives is realized by means of:

  • identification hazards and risks assessment at all stages of manufacturing;
  • acceptance of all range of prevention measures for excluding ability of incidents, emergencies occurrence and environmental misconduct;
  • observance of priority of planning and performable actions and measures connected with prevention (avoidance) incidents, emergencies occurrence against measures of its elimination;
  • implementation of new progressive technologies, equipment, materials and increasing the level of control automation;
  • carrying-out of an analysis of labor safety conditions in structural subdivisions;
  • provision of qualitative examination of newly entered objects;
  • control over timely performance of necessary tests and engineering certification, operating life prolongation of technical devices used on hazardous production facility, repairing and calibration of control and measuring equipment;
  • observance of technological and labor discipline.