Labor Safety Policy

Enterprise policy in the sphere of professional labor safety and protection is directed for provision of secure and healthy labor conditions, permanent decreasing and avoiding cases of industrial injuries and occupational diseases by means of planning and executing measures of labor safety management system corresponding to scale and nature of manufacturing risks.

«BURINTEKH», Ltd policy defines principles, objectives, tasks and mainstreams of activities in the sphere of labor safety.

Policy fundamentals in the sphere of labor safety are:

  • priority of providing safe working conditions and health maintenance of personnel in relation to the results of production activities;
  • decreasing of industrial accidents and occupational diseases risks taking into account social responsibility, financial viability and technical capability;
  • personal responsibility of each employee for executing assigned duties.

Policy mainstreams in the sphere of labor safety are:

  • permanent improvement of labor safety management system in accordance with requirements of international standards (ILO OSH 2001), series of labor safety state standards (GOST 12.0.230-2007 etc);
  • permanent improvement of labor safety conditions and provision of control over executing designated measures;
  • permanent correspondence of working conditions to requirements of legislation in effect;
  • achievement of labor safety management level corresponding to modern evolvement of science development, technique and society;
  • security upgrade of production objects by means of improving reliability of plant and equipment, provision of its safe and trouble-free performance;
  • definition of major objectives during development and realization of labor safety management system programs, improvement labor conditions and protection against emergency conditions;
  • organization and implementation of effective production control system.

For achieving stated objectives «BURINTEKH», Ltd undertakes obligations:

  • bring up labor safety and health policy to all personnel of enterprise and other concerned parties;
  • bring into action all available and practically realizable range of measures for failure prediction and minimization of consequences;
  • provide implementation of legal control of industrial and regulatory requirements in the sphere of labor safety;
  • introduce progressive scientific developments and technologies for the purpose of gradual reduction of out-of-date equipment, machines, mechanisms and its replacement with more safe;
  • require from contracting organizations, executing works on the enterprise objects, to observe the same standards and regulations as adopted in the enterprise;
  • realize consequential engaging of all personnel of enterprise to active participating in labor and health protection work, implementation of stimulation measures for participating, and centralized training and professional development;
  • maintain open dialog with every interested party;
  • encourage the understanding of labor and health protections aspects by enterprise personnel;
  • review, correct and improve, as and when necessary, Operational Health and Safety policy;
  • bring to the attention of all personnel about all amendments and changes in labor safety policy;
  • provide bringing fire hazard areas to conformity with requirements of regulatory legal acts;
  • provide usage of personal protective equipment by enterprise personnel;
  • conduct permanent, purposeful work for maintaining buildings and structures in working order;
  • create and operate health-improving and treatment rooms and labor safety pits;
  • provide passing periodical medical examinations by enterprise personnel.

«BURINTEKH», Ltd management is obliged to implement objectives in full conformity with requirements of system documentation.

Environmental Policy

«BURINTEKH», Ltd environmental policy is developed in accordance with State strategy in the sphere of environmental security and rational exploitation of natural resources and taking into account requirements of environmental organizations.

«BURINTEKH», Ltd is the one of the major manufacturers of rock destruction and workover tools in Russian Federation provides consumers with high-efficiency ecologically clean production which objectively determines the effect of production activities to environment.

«BURINTEKH», Ltd environmental policy defines principles, objectives and mainstreams of activity in the sphere of environmental protection and provision of environmental security for long-run period.

Policy fundamentals in the sphere of environmental protection are:

  • recognition of constitutional right of human for favorable environment;
  • consideration of priority of environmental security as a component of national safety;
  • energy saving and rational exploitation of natural resources on the manufacturing stages, delivery phase and consumption of production;
  • implementation of best existent technologies and measures for minimization natural environment damage from equipment operation (taking into account technical and economic assessment);
  • personal responsibility of «BURINTEKH», Ltd top management for realization environmental policy, improvement of a company's environmental profile.

Policy mainstreams in the sphere of environmental protection are:

  • observance of environmental regulations, meeting specified regulatory requirements;
  • maintaining control in the sphere of environment in accordance with requirements of international standard GOST R ISO 14001-2007;
  • permanent improvement of current environmental management system;
  • environment quality improvement in consequence of realization of systemic work for decreasing atmospheric emissions, sewage pollution and waste formation;
  • implementation of modern technologies, equipment, materials providing resources conservation, significant decreasing, and in some instances, complete elimination of adverse environmental impact;
  • permanent training of enterprise personnel for the purpose of professional development and increasing the level of ecological conscience and responsibility;
  • taking preventative measures for elimination of ecological negative effect;
  • openness and availability of ecological information, prompt information sharing with all interested parties about happened incidents, its ecological implementations and release measures;
  • openness and availability of environmental monitoring results, interaction with all interested parties in the process of researches conducted within impact assessment of the enterprise to environment during designing and construction of new objects.

«BURINTEKH», Ltd management is obliged to implement objectives in full conformity with requirements of system documentation.

Anti-alcohol and Counter-drugs Policy

«BURINTEKH», Ltd anti-alcohol and counter-drugs policy defines requirements directed to excluding alcohol and narcotics consumption by personnel during working hours and in everyday life.

Anti-alcohol and counter-drugs policy is directed to:

  • creation in collective the atmosphere wherein the alcohol or narcotics consumption or standing at workplace under the influence of alcohol or drugs becomes unacceptable;
  • creation of conditions excluding ability of alcohol or drugs consumption by personnel at workplace;
  • prevention of accidents and bodily injury during manufacturing because of alcohol or drug intoxication;
  • prevention of commission of crime under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • following the foundations of healthy life-style by all enterprise personnel.

The ways of realization anti-alcohol and counter-drugs policy:

  • planning and standardization of labour hours to exclude the ability of alcohol and drugs consumption;
  • pre-job briefing and informing about the risk of alcohol and drugs consumption and probable consequences before starting operations;
  • permanent control over the personnel during execution of works for the avoidance of violation of the requirements of present policy;
  • propaganda of negative influence of alcohol and drugs on the human health;
  • carrying out of measures promulgating healthy life-style.

Implementation of anti-alcohol and counter-drugs policy will allow preventing accidents and commission of crimes by personnel under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

«BURINTEKH», Ltd management assumes responsibility for observance of the principles of anti-alcohol and counter-drugs policy and undertakes obligations for permanent clampdown of administrative or disciplinary punishment for alcohol and drugs consumption by personnel during execution of works.