Rational Environmental Management

«BURINTEKH», Ltd management pays special attention to ecological aspect of manufacturing, stands for rational exploitation of natural resources. All laws and regulations relative to environmental protection are clearly observed. Company management realizes the responsibility against society for possible negative consequences of manufacturing and put out considerable efforts for minimization integrated effect on environment.

On the BURINTEKH, Ltd territory is provided collection and temporary storage of waste according to type and class of hazard. There are created respective conditions for safe keeping of waste which decreases harmful effect to environment and human health.

Solid domestic and low hazard waste is collected in cans for SDW and is kept in metal containers with lids installed on concrete pads. In 2011 from own funds were purchased new metal containers for SDW and renewed the surfaces of all pads for temporary waste storage with artificial water-proof covering. The availability of sufficient amount of containers allows accumulating waste till next disposal without it’s overfill which also allows reducing environmental impact.

Mercury vapor lamps, cleaning material contaminated by mineral oils, sawdust contaminated by mineral oils, undamaged accumulators with battery solution inside and other types of waste burial of which on SDW landfill is prohibited are passed to specialized organizations according to concluded agreements, who has license for recycling, deactivation or usage of waste.

Root principles of environmental policy BURINTEKH, Ltd are: recognition of human constitutional right for favorable environment; energy saving and rational exploitation of natural resources on manufacturing stages, delivery, and consumption of manufactured production.

The evidence of presence environmentally determined administration management is the implementation and certification of environmental management system in accordance with international environmental standards series ISO 14000. Environmental management system primary was certified in December 2007 for conformity with requirements ISO 14001:2007. Recertification of the system as a part of integrated management system was made in 2010, issued certificate has period of validity till 10/13/2013.

In company were conducted works for realization environmental management system in compliance with corporate requirements in terms of updating and accomplishment of main procedures.

Environmental safety of manufacturing in many ways is determined by competence and familiarity of personnel. Therefore much attention is given to personnel training.

To provide required level of training managers, specialists and workers there is regularly conducted training on the basis of production-and-training centre with the program Provision of environmental safety during works in the field of handling dangerous waste with subsequent attestation of qualification Specialist in the field of provision environmental safety working with dangerous waste.

At the each year end there is drawn a report which allows to evaluate nature protection activities of the enterprise including data about volume of environmental impact, condition of its components, environmental payments, observance of environmental regulations, inspection result, environmental management system functioning, personnel training and information sharing concerning ecological questions.