Measurements While Drilling

«BURINTEKH», Ltd renders measuring while drilling services in drilling directional and horizontal wells using own systems with mud pulse and electro magnetic channels including the ability of use gamma ray module.

Currently we offer optimal and effective solution, for specialists engaged in drilling directional and horizontal wells, like MWD system «COMPASS».

The system with mud pulse «COMPASS» is based on six interchangeable modules:

  • retrieving module;
  • battery module;
  • navigation module (inclination);
  • transmitting module (pulser);
  • gamma ray module
  • joining module (centralizers).

Main MWD system advantages:

  • recoverability of modules in case of repair works;
  • low energy consumption which provides maximum life-time of battery elements (300-400 hours in circulation mode);
  • short duration of total maintenance (3 hours) by means of using modern materials and technologies, minimum costs for repair and maintenance;
  • performance at high content of colmating additives (up to 112.5 kg/m3) and sand (up to 1,5%);
  • adjusting of pulse amplitude by means of selection valve pair in wide range of flow from 3 to 75 l/sec.

The main advantage of system is that the design of downhole tool has identical modules of system with mud pulse except for pulser.

According the data of manufacturer the maximum drilling depth on the territory of North America using «COMPASS» with EM channel is 3000 m.

The system is accredited in Russian Federation as a measuring tool and has all necessary certificates of conformity and authorization documents.