Core recovery is provided using own manufactured core head and core barrels


Coring service includes:

  • Development of working plan including selection the most optimal tools for concrete technical and technological and geological customer conditions.
  • Delivery of tools (core barrels with spare parts, core heads, fiberglass core tubes, boxes for core) to work objects or customer base point (under the conditions of autonomy or other transportation restrictions).
  • Maintaining object by qualified engineers who have all necessary office equipment and software.
  • Technological management of core recovery on the object.
  • Preparation of core recovery reports.
  • Delivery of recovered core to researching centers (if necessary).

Currently enterprise specialists successfully recover core with diameters 100 mm up to 30 m per run and 80 mm up to 10 m.

Positive dynamic of service volumes demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of core recovery by our specialists.

What receives customer using Service:

  • Absence of necessity to purchase core recovering tools.
  • Absence of risks connected with unqualified tool workout.
  • Careful scheduling of expenditures connected core recovery (service) for well.
  • Customer personnel effective tool use training.