Rock Hardness Reducers


The additive for drilling muds RTP is purposed for using in water based drilling muds for reducing rock hardness by means of decreasing interfacial tension at the «liquid — formation» boundary. Reagent is to be used for increasing penetration rate during drilling hard formations resistant to sloughing and cavings.

Physicochemical properties

Additive is a mixture of non-ionic surfactants.

Main physical properties


Viscous fluid from light-yellow to light-gray color

Density at 20°C, g/cm3


pH at 20°C


Foaming capacity of 0.1% product


Solidification point, not higher, °C


Area and method of application

Additive RTP intensifies detergent power of water by decreasing its surface tension. Providing wedging effect in the zone of bit performance the reagent RTP simultaneously facilitates the dispersing process of sludge present in drilling mud.


Compatible with majority of drilling muds. Can be used in all types of drilling muds including salt-saturated systems.

Toxicity and handling

Surface-active materials, which are part of reagent, are biodegradable. It should be handled in accordance with general requirements of transportation, storage and use of industrial chemical agents. It is recommended to use personal protective equipment (glasses, gloves) and observe personal hygiene rules.

Package and storage

RTP is supplied in 30 liters plastic canisters or in 200 liters barrels. It is recommended to keep in dry cold place. Preserve its properties after freezing and subsequent thawing.