Core Insulating Liquids

During core recovery it is important to preserve and not to contaminate formation fluids. Our fluids for core recovery safely isolate core from mud preventing filtrate from penetrating inside.


Fluid for recovery of isolated core solution of high-molecular compound in polyesters containing linking agent characterized by high rheological properties, adhesion, lubricating capacity and almost not mixing with water based muds.


IZOKOR is purposed for recovery isolated core by means of protecting core from contaminating during its retrieving, processing core surface and transportation. During drilling ISOKOR encapsulates drilling-out core by means of viscous noninvasive protective film and protects core from mud filtrate invasion. The received sample of core material is more representative with respect to defining necessary characteristics (water saturation, water affinity, etc).

IZOKOR is loaded directly to core tube of barrel before core recovery. The loading of necessary fluid volume is made up to complete filling of core tube and calculated depending on volume and quantity of sections of core tube for core recovery. Directly in the process of core recovery the reagent, which is displaced by core, is mixed with mud and transported to the surface where it is removed by mud cleaning system.


  • it has viscoelastic properties and has moving consistency of gel
  • it has well lubricating ability and provides friction coefficient decrease in contact core core receiver
  • a total absence of hydrocarbons and water
  • does not penetrate core
  • o Does not exert influence on flushing fluid and circulation system units (pumps, vibroscreens, hydro clones)

Main physical properties


Viscous homogeneous mass of white color

Density at 20 °, g/cm3


Plastic viscosity at 20 °, cP


Filtration rate at ΔP=3.4 MPa


Solidification point, °C, not higher


Transportation and storage

IZOKOR is poured, packed and transported in plastic canisters with screw lids under Techical Conditions 2297-002-5411141-2002 with capacity 20-30 liters. As may be agreed with consumers it is admitted analogous package which does not deteriorate the quality of reagent.