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Roller Cone Bits

As the competition in the oilfield increases BURINTEKH, as a market leader, aims to satisfy all our customers requirements. Currently we are developing a new product-line «Roller Cone Bits».

In 2010 roller cone bit manufacturing facility was acquired in USA having more than 37 years experience of creating high quality rock destruction tools, smoothly running and permanently upgradable manufacturing technologies, which produce API/ISO certified production for internal and external (including Russian) markets.

In 2012 roller cone bit manufacturing was organized in Ufa city. Big work was done, up-to-date equipment was purchased, specialists with wide experience in roller cone bit manufacturing were staffed who are regularly sent to USA for training and qualification upgrade. American professionals permanently present at manufacturing, control the quality of operations at each production phase. We have a modernized research laboratory and test-bench, which help to control and improve quality of production.

Currently we produce milled tooth and tungsten carbide insert tricone bits of the unibody and sectional types meeting demands of most exacting consumers concerning quality, effectiveness and reliability.


Patented bearing configuration maximizes load capacity. Proprietary high alloy steel with special heat treatment allows increasing metal strength. Bearings are designed for maximal size and load capacity.

All materials are continually being refined and improved. Since 2012, all our roller cone bits have new strengthened sealing material of increased durability.

Bearing sleeves and thrust washers made up of extremely hard material, covered with silver, decrease friction coefficient and increase bearing life.

Labyrinth sealing with special tortuous path prevents penetration of abrasives into the bearing for increased life.

Special geometry of reaming gauge surface prevents cuttings from accumulating.

Lubricating system

Special grease distribution and circulation system provides effective heat transfer from bearing.

Proprietary synthetic grease combined with compatible seal material increase seal life.

The function of the pressure compensating system is to equalize the pressure inside the bearing section with downhole annular pressure.

Leakage test of all bit sections guarantees hundred-per-cent reliability of lubricating system.


All roller cone bits have full set of options for directional drilling:

  • Enhanced gauge, reinforced with double quantity of tungsten carbide inserts, perfectly protects bit while high dogleg severity drilling and allows maintaining nominal well diameter;
  • Shirttail hardfacing protects seals from early wear;
  • Additional reaming gauge rows - patented technology protecting seals from overheating due to friction between bit and wellbore.
Main cutting structure
K- conical insert. Conical and spherical shapes increase bending resistance of insert. Recommended for hard and very hard formations
M - tough carbide grade. Tungsten carbide material with unique correlation of elasticity and wear resistance
Reaming gauge
D - diamond protected heel row (100%). Increases bit durability in abrasive formations, prevents diameter loss
R - additional reaming gauge row. Protects shirttail and reduces thermal effect on sealing, thereby increasing bearing life
RD - diamond protected reaming gauge row (25%)
RD1 - diamond protected reaming gauge row (50%)
RD2 - diamond protected reaming gauge row (100%)
S - shirttail hardfacing and leg equipped with increased quantity of tungsten carbide inserts
SD - additional to «S» option. Diamond protected leg inserts. Improve gauge protection
J - center jet. Improves bottom-hole cleaning. Recommended for 393.7 (15 1/2") and larger bits
T - torch applied cone hardfacing. Protects cone material from washout. Recommended for use with high sand content in drilling mud