BITART type 320 and modifications


It is designed for separating spacer fluid or mud and cement slurry squeezed to annular space for the purpose of excluding the shift zone.

It provides cleaning of casing inner surface from mud residues as well as leak-proof fit of top cement plug and cementing process end signal.


It is equipped with high-strength plastic core covered with elastomeric coat made from wear resistant polymer material.

Five-petal design provides qualitative casing inner wall cleaning from mud residues and provide stable running in string with firm separation of spacer fluid or mud and cement slurry without loss of tightness across the whole squeezing interval. Burst diaphragm, which is installed in core, serves as temporary deflector brattice. After landing bottom cement plug to back valve the burst diaphragm under certain differential pressure is destroyed thus forming the channel for further cement slurry squeezing through plug to annular space.

After the end of squeezing process, the bottom plug allows performing leak-proof fit of top cement plug on it and receiving cementing process end signal. Modern polymer materials used in producing plugs provide easy drilling-out using PDC bit and do not inflict damages to the bit.

Example of conventional designation at the time of order:

BITART type XXX bottom cement plug for OK YYY mm where, 
OK casing;
XXX type (modification) of device;
YYY casing diameter.

Advantages (features):

  • Design is fully adapted for drilling-out with PDC bit;
  • Used materials are compatible for operations in environments with liquid fuels, oils, petrol etc. content;
  • Presence of additional option rotation retention mechanism Safe Lock allows excluding cement plug rotation during drilling-out, facilitate drilling-out process, and reduce well construction time.

Additional options:

  • Rotation retention mechanism Safe Lock prevents cement plug rotation during drilling-out (option available for plugs from 168,28mm (6 5/8) to 339,70mm (13 3/8);

* The use of plugs with Safe Lock option is possible only with corresponding equipment also equipped with Safe Lock option.

Modifications of bottom cement plugs BITART:

Additional options
BITART type 320
BITART type 321
Base version
Rotation retention mechanism Safe Lock
- +

Technical characteristics

Bottom cement plugs BITART type 320 are produced for casing cementing in diameters from 168,28mm (6 5/8 in) to 323,85mm (12 ¾ in).

Base variant of top cement plug - BITART type 320. At customers option the top cement plug BITART type 320 can be equipped with additional options not included to the base set and come in the following modifications: BITART type 321.

Technical characteristics of bottom cement plugs BITART type 320, 321:

Casing OD, mm
168,28 177,80 244,48 323,85 339,70
Plug height, mm
210,00 210,00 225,00 315,00 315,00
Max. OD, mm
161,50 171,00 235,00 314,00 329,00
Differential pressure for burst diaphragm destruction, MPa
4,5 4,5 4,5 4,5
Plug drift diameter after burst diaphragm destruction, mm
50,00 50,00 70,00 70,00 70,00
Max. operating temperature, C   130,0
Weight, kg
5,0 6,0 9,0 15,0 20,0