BITART type 250 and modifications


It designed for fitting bottomhole assembly for the purpose of its direction along the wellbore and protection from damage during well construction of difficult wells.


It is equipped with eccentric plastic guide plug, which rotates during casing running. Rotating in the direction of least resistance the guide plug orients the shoe during running operations allowing bypassing obstacles facilitating casing RIH in difficult wellbore sections, sharp bends and curvatures.

Eccentric plug has three circulation holes directed apart fro provision qualitative flushing. Body of the shoe has three additional side circulation holes.

For the cases when during casing RIH the priority is circulation through central holes only there is shoe modification where side circulation holes closed by bursting discs. In case of central holes plugging the side holes are opened. This happens by means of creation over pressure in casing. When specific pressure value is reached discs are destroyed and circulation goes through created holes.

Easy drilling polymer materials are used in producing shoes. This allows drillingout using PDC bit without any damages to the bit.

Example of conventional designation at the time of order:

BITART type XXX shoe with float back valve and eccentric free rotating plastic guide plug for OK YYY thread ZZZ where, 

OK – casing;
XXX – type (modification) of device;
YYY – casing diameter;
ZZZ – type of tool joint.

Advantages (features):

  • Design is fully adapted for drilling-out with PDC bit;
  • When rotating the guide plug orients the shoe during running operations allowing bypassing obstacles providing uninterrupted casing or liner RIH;
  • The design of shoe mounted back valve provides ability of use in wells with any curvature;
  • Presence of additional option “Auto fill-up” allows tripping-in casing without loss of time for periodic stops for casing fill-up;
  • Presence of additional option “rotation retention mechanism Safe Lock™” allows excluding cement plug rotation during drilling-out, facilitate drilling-out process, and reduce drilling-out time;
  • Presence of additional option “side holes adjustable opening pressure” allows casing RIH with high efficiency flushing through central holes in guide plug with no risk of accidents connected with loss of circulation due to shoe plugging.

Additional options:

  • “Auto fill-up” provides auto casing fill-up during tripping-in (optionavailable for shoes from 168,28mm (6 5/8) to 339,70mm (13 3/8); 
  • “Rotation retention mechanism Safe Lock™” prevents cement plug rotation during drilling-out (option available for shoes from 168,28mm (6 5/8) to 339,70mm (13 3/8);
  • “Side holes adjustable opening pressure” – during RIH the circulation goes through central holes of shoe guide plug, the side holes are closed by bursting discs, which if necessary can be activated by means of creation over pressure in casing. 

* The use of shoes with Safe Lock™ option is possible only with corresponding equipment also equipped with Safe Lock™ option.

Shoe modification with float back valve and eccentric free rotating plastic guide plug BITART:

Additional options
253 254
Base version
+ + + +
Auto fill-up
- + - + -
Rotation retention mechanism Safe Lock™
- - + + -
Side holes adjustable opening pressure - - - - +

Technical characteristics:

Shoes with float back valve and eccentric free rotating plastic guide plug BITART type 250 are produced for equipping casings in diameter 101,60mm (4 in) up to 339,70mm (13 3/8 in), can be produced with the following types of tool joints: buttress thread under GOST 632-80, buttress thread under API 5B and premium threads TMK FMC, TMK GF, TMK PF, TMK PF ET, VAM TOP.

The base version of shoe – BITART type 250. At customer’s option BITART type 250 can be equipped with additional options not included to the base set and can be produced in modification BITART type 251, 252, 253

Technical characteristics of shoe with float back valve and eccentric free rotating plastic guide plug BITART type 250, 251, 252, 253, 254:

Parameter Value
Casing OD, mm
101,60 114,30 146,05 168,28 177,80 244,48
Max. OD, mm
111,00 127,00 166,00 188,00 198,00 270,00
Min. ID after drilling-out, mm
88,00 100,00 130,00 149,00 159,00 226,00
Circulation hole diameter in guide plug, mm
27,00 30,00 30,00 30,00 35,00
Diameter of body circulation holes, mm*
22,00 22,00 22,00 22,00 22,00 26,00
Quantity of holes in guide plug, ea. 3
Quantity of holes in body, ea.*
Pump rate necessary for transferring back valve to operation condition, not less, I/sec 8,0 15,0
Withstanding by valve of over pressure in direct and oppasite direction, MPa** 30,0
Max. operating temperature, °C 130,0
Side holes opening pressure, MPa** 5.0
Type of tool joint       OTTM, OTTG, Buttress thread
Shoe length in modification:

-OTTM tapered thread
-OTTG sealing thread
-Buttress thread






Weight, kg
25,0 30,0 40,0 45,0 50,0 90,0