Swelling Inhibitors for Clays and Shales


Organic inhibitor for clays and claystones BIO XX effectively suppresses the processes of hydration and swelling of clays and claystones, prevents further dispersion of drilled-out clay sludge and helps to decrease balling of BHA components and bit sludging. Besides of inhibiting clays and claystones the reagent helps to improve wellbore stability, decrease the probability of balling and bit sludging, improve mud cleaning equipment operating efficiency.

Main physical properties


Transparent or colorless fluid with amine flavor

Specific gravity, g/cm3


pH of 1% solution


Solubility, %


Solidification point, not higher, °C


Flash point, °C

> 99 (PMCC)

Area and method of application

Reagent can be used in all types of water based drilling fluids. It does not require any additional equipment or special mud treatment measures and can be added as directly to containers during preparation of mud, so through mixing hopper. BIO XX inhibits only non dispersed clay particles therefore the mud must be processed with reagent before drilling clay formations. If there is a necessity to process mud with bentonite (for creating mudcake and decreasing water loss) it is necessary to hydrate it in water.

Recommended concentration of BIO XX in mud is from 12 to 24 kg/m3. Optimal level of mud pH for providing maximal effectiveness is 8–9. Practical concentration of reagent depends on type of clay formations, well diameter, ROP and required inhibiting level.


  • if necessary to add bentonite to mud it should be preliminary hydrated in water;
  • during addition to mud with high content of fine active solids there can be seen short mud flocculating. Preliminary mud processing with liquefiers and deflocculants allows avoiding or removing such effect;
  • thermal stability up to 150°C.

Toxicity and handling

It should be handled in accordance with general requirements of transportation, storage and use of industrial chemical agents. It is recommended to use personal protective equipment (glasses, gloves) and observe personal hygiene rules.

Packing and storage

BIO XX is supplied in plastic barrels of 215 liters. It is recommended to keep in dry cold place. Preserve its properties after freezing and subsequent thawing.