Expansive Backfill Materials


Developed by research laboratory expansive backfill material RTM-75 is purposed for cementing production interval of production wells, injecting intervals (in injection wells) for the purpose of increasing quality of formation isolation.

RTM-75 is produced according Technical Conditions (TC) 5734-020-50783875-2011 and has Certificate of Conformity #ROSS RU.AB75.H01261 dated 09.11.2011.

Expanding of cement stone during solidification reduce the probability of creation backflows and water and gas inflows. As a result of expanding in the process of its solidification in locked conditions of well, there is formed cement stone of more dense structure with less permeability which increase its stability to corrosion under the influence of aggressive liquids and gases. During cement stone expanding in process of WOC also formed contact stress between cement sheath and wellbore walls and string which increases sealing well support.

As it is known on the fields with late operational stage there are used methods on intensification of oil flow. One of the widely applicable methods is formation-pressure maintenance. As it known in injection wells there are some problems with leaving injecting fluid to adjacent formations. In connection with high pressures in injecting intervals well support does not stand such impacts and as a result support is broken and fluid goes to adjacent formations. The use of RTM-75 allows increase sealing of annular space by means of creating contact stress between cement sheath and wellbore walls as a result of expanding cement stone during WOC, which increases sealing of well support at high differential pressure.

Besides expandable additive the RTM-75 contains specially selected reagents, reducing water loss of cement slurry, stabilizers, reducing its water loss and also condensation and strength gain regulators which are selected for concrete well conditions.

RTM-75 is recommended for use at temperatures from 45 to 80 °C.