Mutual celebration of “Defender’s Day “and “International Women’s Day”

Mutual celebration of “Defender’s Day “and “International Women’s Day 8th of March” in the “BURINTEKH”, Ltd took place on 4th of March.

11 teams took part in this event – “Rockers”, “Work Force”, “Destructive force”, “Daisies”, “Squirrels”, “Big League”, “Pioneers”, “Tornado”, “Orange”, “Turtles” and “Adrenalin”. The event included both team relays – for quickness “The genius of bucket and swab”, for marksmanship “Balls thrower”, for cohesion of team “Mighty ski-track”, for dexterity “Disguised” and intellectual contests “Puzzle assembler” and Captains’ contest.

Lots of surprises waited for all participants this day – presentation of hockey helmets, bestowal of city level sports events participants, games for active fans.

Notwithstanding frosty weather it was “hot” this day on the territory of our enterprise.

The top prize was worth the cost – each participant of winning team received gift certificate: two days in “Kizilovaya” resort.

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