Oil and Gas Turkmenistan OGT 2014
03.12.2014 11:12:00

From 18th to 20th November 2014 “BURINTEKH”, Ltd took part in international show Oil and Gas Turkmenistan OGT 2014.

OGT 2014 show covers all aspects of exploration, production, storage, transportation, distribution and oil refinery and annually receives more than 100exhibitors from 20 countries worldwide.

OGT 2014 visitors were able to get acquainted with samples and novelties of BURINTEKH, Ltd tools for drilling and well workover operations and meet with lead specialists and company representatives. Specific interest was shown to the PDC bits line used for drilling wells in West Turkmenistan fields.

Minister of oil and gas industry and mineral resourses of Turkmenistan Mukhammetnur Khalylov and representatives of state corporate groups: Turkmenneft, Turkmengaz, Turkmengeology visited BURINTEKH, Ltd booth.

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