Rustem Khamitov got acquainted with BURINTEKH, Ltd manufacturing

On 27th President of Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Zakievich Khamitov visited enterprise and got acquainted with manufacturing of high-technology tools for drilling and well workover.


The visit began with review of newly entered manufacturing facilities the roller-cone manufacturing overall production of which will be about 6,000 items per year. Factory produces tricone bits with diameters from 98.4 up to 914.4 mm of first and second class in body and section type execution agreeable to the requirements of the most exacting consumers concerning quality, effectiveness and reliability.


The Head of the Republic was acquainted with technology of manufacturing matrix body bits, used in drilling wells with complicated mining and geological conditions.


President was demonstrated methods and devices of quality control used on each stage and also unique technology of brazing PDC cutters.


Rustem Khamitov viewed rock destruction tools and milling instruments serial production workshops equipped with newest 4 and 5 axis machining center units and CNC machines.


In researching laboratories of muds and well casings the Head of Region was acquainted with activities and equipment status of scientific and research basis with full cycle of researches for creation and implementation new perspective developments in the field of drilling flushing, spacer fluids and plugging materials.

To the end of visit Rustem Khamitov addressing to enterprise workers expressed interest in that our enterprise ranks leading position in world.

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