Trial of pipe puncher

First time the trials of modernized pipe puncher PTM-89KS took place on Verkhne-Salym field. In tubing string was successfully made hole with the purpose of its communication with annular space (response of «Salym Petroleum Development N.V.»).

The hole is made without using explosives and is not followed by casing and cement sheath damage.

Modernized pipe puncher PTM-89KS

Technical specifications

Nominal diameter of punched pipe, mm

89×6.5 (7.34)

Diameter of punched hole, not less, mm


Type of tripping in and out

By means of wire-line techniques, free throwing off with further tripping out together with tubing

Power supply for punching

Potential energy of tubing hydrostatic pressure, formation energy or pumping unit pressure

Type of disengagement of tail piece from hole and power supply for disengagement

Automatic, under the influence of potential environmental pressure energy

Minimal operational pressure at the inlet of puncher necessary for punching pipes of different grade, atm.


Ultimate running depth, m


Connection thread:
- on body for using with wire-line techniques, internal thread


Dimensions, mm
- length
- fluid drive diameter
- diameter / body flattened surface

70 / 62

Weight, not more than, kg


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