Special better than universal

At the beginning of February 2012 on Shushminskoe field in the region of activities of Western Siberia branch of «Drilling company «Eurasia», LLC were successfully conducted trials of BIT 155.6 B 416 Y.19 specially designed for drilling with rotary steerable systems (RSS) the elder model of which well-proved itself on Vankor field.

Average ROP on three wells with horizontal ending was 24 m/h which is 39% more than analogous factor of drilling with standard BIT 155.6 BT 613 TB with RSS and 53% more than drilling with BIT 155.6 BT 613 TB with mud motor. Total meterage per bit was 1,160 m thereat bit operational life was not totally run out. Claims on the part of customer to bit concerning directional drilling were not received.

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