«BURCOM» Company was created in September 2011 with the purpose of implementation of newest innovation technologies in Russian Federation. Basic principle of company is to help finding optimal and effective solution for specialists engaged in directional and horizontal well targeting.

One of the main ideas at present time is rendering service both for sale and rent of MWD systems «COMPASS» to companies rendering engineering and telemetric services in Russian Federation.

Design of downhole tool with mud channel includes 6 main interchangeable modules:

  • retrieval module
  • battery module
  • navigation module (inclination)
  • communicating module (pulser)
  • gamma ray module
  • connective module (centralizer).

Main advantages of system against its analogues:

  • recoverability of modules in case of repair works
  • low energy consumption which provides maximum operating time of battery elements (300-400 of circulation)
  • short duration of full maintenance support (3 hours) by means of use modern materials and technologies, minimal expenses for repairing and maintenance
  • operation in high content of colmatant additives (up to 112.5 kg/m3) and sand (up to 1,5%)
  • adjustment of pulse amplitude with the help of selection valve pair in wide range of flow rate from 3 to 75 l/s.

Software is functioning in Windows platform and can be characterized by simple adjustment and intuitive interface.

Currently the only company using MWD systems COMPASS is BURINTEKH. Company at present time has 11 sets of systems. At 2011 year end 91 well was targeted with COMPASS systems (89-172 mm).

Besides BURCOM has an ability of supplying COMPASS systems with electro-magnetic channel. Fundamental advantage of this system is that the design of downhole tool has identical modules as in mud channel system except for pulser.

According to the manufacturer data the maximum depth of well drilling on the territory of Northern America using this system COMPASS with EM is 3,000 m.

Currently in Russia is present the set of tools for trials in Western Siberia. Approximately trials are planned to be carried out in first decade of March.

System is accredited in Russian Federation as measuring tool and has all necessary certificates of correspondence and authorization documents.

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